The Konnexion Online

Here at The Konnexion we severing you. Our mission from the start has been to offer you the toughest glass in the industry that will last for years to come. With our 100% American Made Glass Water Pipes, Dab Rigs and Hand Pipes in a wide variety of styles and designs you can shop from the comfort of your home. We also offer great smoking accessories. All of our products will meet your high standards for function and beauty.

Our Story: Branching out from Local Success

With our long history of serving our local community, The With our long history of serving our local community, The Konnexion has become one of the most trusted shops around. We opened our first location in Iowa City, IA in 2004 and later opened our second location in Dubuque, IA in 2015. We are now proud to open our online store in 2022 to server our community no matter where you are within the United States.

Our Online Head Shop

Our goal to be at the top of our game in providing you with the products that make your smoking experience as good as possible. We keep our finger on the pulse of this constantly evolving market, so that you have the best available smoke gear and accessories, at the very best prices. We are now bringing that Philosophy to the Online Community. We look forward to forming a Konnexion that will keep you satisfied for years.

100% American Made Glass

The Konnexion is proud to carry a diverse selection of high-quality American (Made in USA) glass water pipes, dab rigs and hand pipes from local artistic glass blowers.  Browse through our unique collection of top-notch products that are as beautiful and innovative as they are reliable and expertly manufactured

American Glass is manufactured with advanced machinery and tools and the highest quality materials. It is also meticulously monitored for imperfection and expertly designed for long-lasting reliability, maximum functionality and striking artistic beauty. Browse our selection of American made glass water pipes, rigs, hand pipes and more…